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About Me

ina vorontsova

  Lives and works in Latvia, Riga

Graphic artist, sculptor, illustrator, designer
Member of Artist`s Union of Latvia
Experts of Sector of Plastic Arts
of the International Organization ORDINEX, (GENEVA-PARIS)


•    Degree of the Applied Arts Collage of Riga (LATVIA)
•    Degree of the Moscow Polygraphic Academy (MOSCOW, RUSSIA)


Participation in exhibitions, salons, galleries since 1979
Book`s illustrations
Design and decoration of public spaces


2016  Exhibition Gallery”Fiskhuset” Norrköping/ Sweden
2016 “ Allow to dream” Exhibition “RISEBA” University Riga/Latvija
2014 “Allow to dream” Gallery “Rietumu banka” Riga/Latvija
2011  “Searching for happiness”, Gallery “Apsida”, Riga/ Latvia
2010  “Bird`s life”, Ofortagilde, Riga/ Latvia
2001  “Connection field”, Gallery Gleznotaju, Riga/ Latvia
1999  “Dialog”, Gallery of the Artists` Union of Oldenbourg “bbk”, Germany
1998  “Kunstler aus Lettland”, Ministry of Forein Affaires, Bonn/ Germany
1997  Gallery Rigas Vini, Riga/ Latvia
1996  Gallery Rigas Vini, Riga/ Latvia
1993  Gallery Riga, Riga/ Latvia
1991  Colture Center of the Ministry of Finances,(Diploma and Gold Medal), Paris/ France
1988  Gallery Jana Seta, Riga/ Latvia

2015 “international exhibition” Strong Water” M. Rotko centre Daugavpils/Latvija
2014   International Exhibition of Graphic / Triennale/St. Petersburg, Russia
2013 “international exhibition Strong Water-4”Jurmala/Latvia  
2012 “international exhibition "In Remembrance of the Titanic 100’’Riga /Latvia   
2010 “In one land, in one home”, Gallery Jekaba Kazarmas, Riga/ Latvia
2009  Exhibition “My Poushkin”, Riga/ Latvia
2007  “Wood Sculpture” International Sculptors Workshop, Ventspils/ Latvia
2004  Toyamura Internationale Sculpture Biennale, Hokaido/ Japan
2000  Toyamura Internationale Sculpture Biennale, Hokaido/ Japan
1999  „The Chear”, International Sculpturs Workshop Kap Arkona, Rugen/ Germany
1998  Gallery „East and West”, Cologne/ Germany
1997  International Kunstmesse “Europ`s Art”, Geneva/ Switzerland
1994  Art Fair „Art Mif”, Moscow/ Russia
1992  Triennale of Baltic States, Tallin/ Estonia
1991  Lucie Faure XVII Salon, National Assembly, Paris/ France
1991  International Exhibition of Graphic and Plastic Arts, Culture Center on the APN, Moscow
1989  „15 Republics”, Moscow/ Russia
1987  Triennale of Baltic States „Minigraphics”, Riga/ Latvia
1986  International Exhibition of Book Graphic, Moscow/ Russia
1981  Exhibition dedicated to the 40-th anniversary of the Latvian Arts Foundation,
          (Diploma and Medal), Riga/Latvia
1980 Triennale of youngs artists of the Baltic States, Riga/ Latvia

Works were bought by:              Latvian Management of Exhibitions,
                                                       Ministry of Culture of Russia
                                                       Art Foundation of Latvia, Private collections in Germany,
                                                       France, Japan